L’Albufera is a lake formed by the sediments of the rivers that surround it. These left a portion of sea inside the land, and with the years it became a freshwater lagoon. A boat ride along L’Albufera will be a special moment, complete with a visit to the information centre of the natural park. Towards the end of our boat ride we will have the chance to discover the rice fields and the beautiful scenery that makes up the area of this natural park, only 10km away from Valencia. Besides, the park offers us the possibility to wander around the pine woods located in La Devesa del Saler. This tour will allow us to enjoy the exceptional sandbars which separate the freshwater lagoon of L’Albufera from the salty Mediterranean whilst being able to observe the mobile dunes (those which are closest to the sea) as well as the pine woods, closest to L’Albufera.


One cannot leave the Natural Park before enjoying the local food. This area is the cradle of the typical traditional Valencian cuisine and its most international dish: paella. Visit a barraca or traditional house of field workers, where we will learn about the traditional way of life and the tools to cultivate the fields.