Located in the middle of the Costa Blanca, Alicante is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Eastern coast. Its wide offer of golf courses and the quiet Mediterranean waters are some of the attractions this beautiful fishing city has to offer. Built at the foot of the castle of Santa Bárbara, it is a witness of the many civilisations that have shaped it throughout the centuries. Its historical centre, located at the foot of this fortress, hides an interesting architectural legacy in the shape of both civil and religious buildings. We mustn’t forget the emblematic Explanada de España either, traditional place for recreation and leisure. Alicante is also home to old popular traditions, such as the Moros y Cristianos festivity and the Noche de San Juan (welcoming the summer at the beach with bonfires). Regarding gastronomy, the numerous rice dishes are the star of its tasty cuisine.

Alicante’s strategic location, in the middle of the Eastern coast, led to the settlement of the main Mediterranean civilisations many centuries ago. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and later Arabs reached this coast when searching for new commercial routes and contributed with their culture to shape the character of the city.