In 2015 Spain was included as the 32th member of the UNESCO’s Silk Roads.

Valencia was named City of Silk by the UNESCO’s Mediterranean Project in 2016. Discover with us how Valencia became the centre of the Spanish silk industry. We’ll learn all the details about the manufacturing and commercialisation process, as well as its tradition in one of the most ancient districts in the city.


Exterior visit to the Colegio de Arte Mayor de la Seda (Higer Silk Art College). Inside visit also available.

Exterior visit to the Palacio de los Tamarit and walk around the district Velluters

Visit to a shop of traditional Valencian clothing

Visit to the Lonja de la Seda (Silk Market)


Visit to a family workshop established in the 18th century and which is still active. Different methods were developed and women worked in the ecclesiastical ornamentation using looms and embroidery techniques.